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Jazz in a bottle

Jazz in a bottle

Jazz selections of Enjoy wine 

It all started with the idea of Eve and Svetlio to connect three beautiful dreams in a bouquet of mountain freshness, wine aroma and jazz till morning. This unusual selection led friends of Enjoy wine club in Bansko right during the Jazz Fest.

Who can resist a walk in the mountains till Vihren top, followed by a tasting of fine wines, and then the performances of world famous jazz musicians such as Iyeoka, Candy Dulfer and her band, China Moses and Raphael Lemonnier, Eight Wheel Drive … As the  Bulgarian Frank Sinatra – Vasil Petrov says, who was among the performers at the festival, warmly applauded by the audience “The jazz music is quite simple, elemental form, but a lot of skill is required to master it”. So it is with wine. A great desire is needed, but also some preparation to go deep in his richly nuanced simplicity. In other words, know your good wine, to love it, understand it and distinguish it. Here comes our guide in the world of wine culture – Enjoy wine. This time we were prepared for our guests with a stylish selection of fresh and elegant wines.

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Here it comes:

Kera Tamara Chardonnay

Kera Tamara Chardonnay is a wine produced in small series, which with its name revives a beautiful legend. It is for Kera Tamara, daughter of Tsar Ivan Alexander and Queen Teodora, to which is named the pretty village Maryan, located 40 km away from Veliko Tarnovo and 8 km east of Elena. Here lies Maryan winery that produces boutique wines with taste of history.

Kera Tamara Chardonnay is bright yellow colored wine with greenish tinges and aroma of cream and citrus shades and taste of ripe peaches and apricots, walnuts and roasted sesame, with mineral notes and  barrel extracted aromas of toasted bread, vanilla and butter. The taste is well balanced, fills the mouth and leaves a lasting impression of everything that promises with its scent.

Midalidare Rose de Mourvedre

This exceptional rose in an innovative bottle with glass cap is made from “Midalidare Estate”. The winery, located in Mogilovo village is an oasis for the soul since its creation in 2009, and the place has become an attractive destination for wine tourism. Those who love Tuscany and its pastoral atmosphere, remain fascinated by the Bulgarian version, which is a primitive one, but no less exciting spirit.

Midalidare Rose de Mourvedre features a beautiful, pale pink peach and discreet flavor, slightly mineral nose with notes of lime and red berries – strawberries and raspberries. The taste is fresh, alive, with elegant body and spicy bitter taste at the end.

Premium Reserve Мавруд 

3 km after Popovitsa village on the road to Parvomay city in the Old vineyards is located old cellar “Zagreus” , named after the Thracian god, later known as Dionysus, the god of joy, wine and ecstasy. Clay tablets found in a cave in Old vineyards area, testify that there took place the divine mysteries, called Dionysian orgies. Here today from the varieties Mavrud, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah are produced high quality, mainly red wines but also white Mavrud that symbolizes the aspirations of winery “Zagreus” to be innovative and show its own handwriting.

Premium Reserve Mavrud is with saturated ruby red color with grenade shades. Distinguished by the coffee with hints of chocolate, hip jam, peppers and vine leaves. It has been aged in new bulgarian oak barrels from Strandzha mountain for 12 months. The taste is spicy with hints of soft vanilla and spices. Can be tried immediately, but there is potential for aging for two-three more years.

Queen Elena Cuvee

This amazing Cuvée of “Maryan” winery is also called a historical figure – Queen Elena, the beloved sister of Tsar Ivan Alexander, who became queen of Serbia after a dynastic marriage with King Stefan Dusan. And thus the wine idea to show that in Bulgaria classic French varieties have found their second native country from them wonderful wines to be produced is implemented gracefully.

Several varieties form the taste of Queen Elena Cuvee – Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, as the blend is fermented and aged in oak barrels for nine months. The wine has an intense ruby color with dark granite shades. It has noble complex nose with aromas of ripe black cherry, blackberry, plum, mocha vanilla, which then turns into spicy notes of green pepper and roasted red pepper. Fresh and juicy taste, with excellent round body with balance and finesse. The wine is ready for consumption, but may mature for another 5-8 years.


The philosophy of “Dragomir” winery is to change the perceptions of the Bulgarian wine – attractive, interesting, with consistent quality over the years and a variety of tastes. The wines produced here are mainly blended from grapes well-selected lines of controlled vineyards.

Karizma is a blended wine of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Rubin. The Intrigue in the tasting starts from the color of the wine – full-bodied and ruby color. The aroma is attractive, multi-layered, with predominant highlights of pepper, coffee, ripe red fruit and eucalyptus. It is characterized by its powerful, well-structured body with an elegant roundness and softness. The finish is spicy with the aftertaste of sweet spices and vanilla, with a potential for aging in bottle. We are sure that after reading you cannot help but regret that you have missed this celebration of wine, which was marked by jazz and fresh mountain air. If you want to join us next time, follow our Facebook page and of course the site https://enjoywine.bg/. There you will learn what wine surprises we have prepared for you.

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