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Wine tour with Enjoy Wine?

Wine tour with Enjoy Wine?

Wine tour with Enjoywine

What is wine tour?

In the conventional sense, wine tour consists of visiting wineries and tasting. This way you can familiarize yourself with the way of “doing” wine as you follow the process of taking the grapes in, through the fermentation tanks, barrels for aging and bottling. After the walk, the guests taste the range of wines of the specific winery.

What is wine tour with Enjoywine ?

The group

The group

Our wine tour is different in nature, time commitment and especially in shared emotions. The group may consist of a different number of people depending on the shown interest. It is held for several days, mostly during the weekend and different number of wineries are visited depending on the field and topic of the wine tour.

What distinguishes our wine tours is that we try to find and visit small boutique wineries with wines that are interesting, different, with its own character. Sharing of nice mood, positive emotions and new friendships are our main goals. For more information, please see our page on Facebook, where you can see description and pictures of our wine tours.

Wine tours

Wine tours

Would you like to look at small boutique or big modern winery?

Would you like to see the process, the magic of winemaking?

To talk with the owner, oenologist, who created the wine in the cellar ?

Would you like to be with nice company, to see beuatiful places in Bulgaria, to enjoy and be taken away with positive emotions?

We from Enjoywine will provide you and your friends an unforgettable experience on our wine tours.

More detailed information on our future wine tours can be found on our Facebook page or you can make a request on our Contact page.

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