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Wine tour Thracian plane

Winery “Copsa”

The first stop on our wine tour “Thracian plain” was chateau “Copsa”, which is located near Karlovo, in the Valley of Roses. Along the way, fields with roses and vines were chaning. The winery base wine is located in the  Klisura city. Since 2008 wine cellar Copsa has chateau, rising on a hill among the vineyards. Oenologist Miglena welcomed us and with her we took a tour in the cellar – dug into a natural ground eminence, with natural temperature conditions, intended for aging of selected wine series. Miglena told us about the philosophy and vision in the production of wines of Copsa. We tasted both the fresh white wines, a trademark of the cellar, and the dense, delicious red. The view, which was revealing from the chateau was vast and fascinating – you can see the vineyards, to the north you could see the southern slopes of the Balkan Mountains and in the south – the core of Middle Forest mountain. The very vineyards are just next to the fields where grow roses and lavender. Fabulously beautiful!

Winery “Eduardo Miroglio”

Next winery on the route was “Edoardo Miroglio”. Surrounded by 220 hectares of vineyards, the winery is an impressive combination of architecture inspired by antiquity, that with modern technology for winemaking blends naturally with the environment. The winery is surrounded by vineyards that stretch over the hills, around a lake and greenery, offering excellent conditions for growing growing. Here is of the rare places in Bulgaria, where sparkling wine is  made. The chateau is wonderful, with Italian furniture designed by the owner’s wife. We were welcomed very warmly and gently. We took a tour around the winery and get to know in detail the process of vinification and the way of making of sparkling wines. Lubo, our guide, was extremely helpful and answered all our questions thoroughly and professionally. During the tasting we enjoyed the selected wines and the beautiful aristocratic atmosphere in the cellar as well.

Winery “Midalidare”

„Midalidare“  was the third and very beloved by us winery that we visited. The winery is located 20 km northwest of Chirpan in Mogilovo village. The region has millennial wine traditions: the wines, produced in this region have been transported to Piraeus and Enos with caravans in antiquity. The wine style of Midalidare bear the imprint of the cellar oenologist, who have brought their experience from the New World and impress with their modern taste and vision. Adding the great cuisine and very cozy atmosphere, the experience became unforgettable. Over the years, “Midalidare” has become a attraction center for artists, sculptors, musicians. It is a place where art is perfectly combined with the natural beauty of the region and tasting of excellent wines.

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